Should Spurs try to get Przybilla?


In this day of the NBA, quality big men are really hard to come by. When they’re in short supply, if someone is out there, a lot of teams will show interest. Veteran center Joel Przybilla is looking for a team to join and a number of teams think he would make a good fit.

The Milwaukee Bucks seem to be the frontrunner, but the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Clippers have also publicly said they might want to add Przybilla. There are also a few undisclosed teams that have expressed interest, could the San Antonio Spurs be one of them?

For years, the Spurs have been looking for someone to take the weight off an aging Tim Duncan. While a veteran center might seem like an attractive option, I think the Spurs should probably pass on Przybilla. 

The biggest reason is that the guy is a huge injury risk. Przybilla is actually also considering retirement because of his bad knees. He’s had surgery twice and only played one complete season in his career.

Another reason I don’t think the Spurs need him is because he would bring the same thing to the table as Tiago Splitter. Przybilla isn’t an offensive force, his main purpose is to play defense and rebound, I think the Spurs are doing fine in those areas. For the Spurs fans out there that think Splitter hasn’t quite lived up to expectations, they’d be getting the same thing from Przybilla.

The Spurs should definitely pass on Przybilla, if they’re even one of the teams expressing interest. What he brings to the team wouldn’t be worth the chance he’d miss some games or even a whole season with knee issues.