San Antonio Spurs: 2021 NBA Draft Prospects Board


Welcome to the 2021 Project Spurs Draft Prospects Board. After viewing the board, you can read below why each prospect was chosen and how to use the board.

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How were the prospects selected?

The prospects on this board are listed above due to two reasons:

  1. Project Spurs’ Benjamin Bornstein wrote about the player through his prospect watch series, where he focuses on prospects who would fit with the Spurs. Each prospect watch can be viewed when you hover over a player’s name, if that player was one of the prospects Bornstein profiled in his series.
  2. The prospect has been on a mock draft at either 12th or 41st, the two picks where the Spurs are expected to draft from in the first and second round.

How do I use the draft board?

From left to right, the player is identified by name, height, school, or professional team he just finished playing for, and then where the player is expected to get drafted on different mock drafts. The average selection place of the mocks drafts is listed, and that’s how the players are listed in order.

If a player is projected to get drafted at 12th, the Spurs’ projected first-round pick, the number is in an orange field. If the player is projected to get drafted with the 41st selection (the Spurs’ projected second-round pick), it’s a gold-yellow color. Slots in purple are for players projected to get drafted in the second round on the different mocks.



  1. I think Wagner would be a great fit. He is versatile and could make a lot different lineups work. Sengum and Gibbons the two overseas prospects are big X factors.


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