Report: Wizards interested in Blair, looking for sign-and-trade deal with Spurs


According to Yahoo! Sports, the Washington Wizards are interested in acquiring DeJuan Blair through a sign-and-trade with the San Antonio Spurs.


Blair has been on the trading block for the past few seasons, but San Antonio has been unable to find the right deal. Now that DeJuan is a free agent, he more than likely will be playing elsewhere next season.

If the Spurs can get a player rather than be left empty-handed, that would be great but as the report stated, the Spurs are not thrilled with the players on the Wizards' roster.

Taking a look at the Washington roster, there could be players who can can be useful pieces for San Antonio. Trevor Ariza would be a nice addition to the bench and could be an adequate backup for Kawhi Leonard. Not to mention he does have an expiring contract which could be used as a bargaining chip down the road.

There's also Kevin Serephin (another French player), Chris Singleton and Trevor Booker who could work in a deal but the most attractive choice would be Ariza for his abilities on both ends of the court.

What do you think Spurs fans about this latest news on Blair?