Report: San Antonio to lose an estimated 90 million during lockout


The on-going NBA lockout is going to be devestating on many people outside the arenas and lockerrooms.

It’s a fact, NBA cities rely on revenue from NBA games. From restaurants, outside vendors, arena employees to bars, the longer the lockout rages on, more money will be lost which could mean an estimated loss of $90 million for the city of San Antonio without the San Antonio Spurs playing in the AT&T Center.

The following NBA cities have estimated their losses: Portland would lose $59 million;  Oklahoma City $60 million; and San Antonio a whopping $90 million.

I’m sure more events will fill the AT&T Center with no Spurs games to host but such events are only temporary. Those events are not for a set amount of months. 

Once again, this just proves it’s the little guys that get trampled and forgotten. Let’s just hope this lockout is resolved soon.