Real Madrid targeting Splitter


Rumor has it that Real Madrid is willing to dish out some serious money to acquire Tiago Splitter and other players to remain competitive.

According to, Real Madrid is targeting Splitter among several other players.

The main targets of the club this summer are:

Sergio Rodriguez, Vassilis Spanoulis, Milos Teodosic, Alan Anderson, Mike Batiste, and Tiago Splitter. The club is particularly interested in Vassilis Spanoulis and Tiago Splitter.

The club is said to be willing to spend up to 8-10 million euros net on each player in order to secure both Spanoulis and Splitter, because the club believes this would allow them to win the ACB and Euroleague championships next season.

Now there is no official statement from Real Madrid so take it for what it’s worth.

However, if true, then this could present a problem for the San Antonio Spurs in convincing Splitter to play for the team next season for the mid-level exception and pass up a pay-day from Real Madrid.