Ranking Offseason Moves


In Chad Ford’s latest at ESPN.com, he ranks all 30 NBA teams for summer moves including free agent signings, trades and the NBA Draft.

With the trade to get Richard Jefferson, and stealing DeJuan Blair in the second round of the draft, Ford picks the Spurs at #1.

The Spurs always seem to find a way to turn a little into a lot. They turned three aging players past their primes into Richard Jefferson — an athletic forward at the peak of his game. And even without a first-round pick in this year’s draft, they were still able to come away with some terrific players in the second round. Specifically, Pittsburgh’s DeJuan Blair, who was the best rebounder in college basketball and is a beast in the paint. If his knees stay sturdy, he’ll go down as the steal of the draft.

Now it sounds like the Spurs also have the inside track on signing free agent Antonio McDyess. But even if they don’t land him, they have dramatically improved their team and are, once again, serious contenders for an NBA title.