Quick Post: Monday Links


• According to the Los Angeles Times, even after the urging of former Laker Rick Fox, Robert Horry has no plans for a comeback. But some Lakers fans have started a “Bring Horry Back” campaign.

• Even with their losing streak coming to an end, Boston Celtics Examiner’s John Karalis says the Celtics should copy the Spurs tactic of putting a starter on the bench.
“It’s really not as nuts as it sounds.  In fact, it’s not an original idea.  San Antonio has an obvious “starter” on the bench in Manu Ginobili and that has worked out very well.  And in the end, it’s not about having Eddie House on the floor in 4th quarter crunch time.  Ray would be the guy.  But this could be the right move for the Celtics as they try to figure out how to break this malaise.” (via Red’s Army)

• Tony Parker is mentioned in the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram’s article about the era of the point guard.

In past eras, there was usually little controversy about All-Star selections. Generally speaking, there were two or three point guards who were significantly better than the others in the conference, and even if there were talented guys who were left off the team, they knew that the top echelon was a little better. That’s no longer the case.”

• Oly Sandor over at HoopsVibe asks, Can Tim Duncan get some love?

I’m talking about career love. Or even career recognition for his four NBA Titles, MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards, and being the building block for the best organization in pro sports. Duncan wins. Correction. San Antonio, Duncan’s team, wins. That’s what matters to the former first overall pick. Yet, in a results orientated business like the NBA, he gets less respect than a New Kids On The Block comeback or Rocky sequel.

• Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News says George Hill senses the rookie wall coming.

“You always hear about rookies hitting that wall, because they’re used to playing a certain amount of games in college,” said Hill, who the Spurs made the 26th overall pick in the June draft. “They surpass that, and then they hit that brick wall where their body can’t go any longer.”

Spurs team report from Yahoo