Q&A with Danny Green Part 2: Talking loss to Memphis, Spurs fans, and more


This past weekend, San Antonio Spurs guard Danny Green took part in the Malone Mulhall Benefit Game at St. John’s University. The game was established in honor of Jamie Malone, Paige Malone, and Michael Mulhall who were killed in a car accident while they were on their way to a camp for those with special needs. All proceeds and donations from the game are directed to The Jamie and Paige Malone Foundation and a scholarship established in Michael Mulhall’s name.

I had a chance to talk with the Spurs guard and in case you missed part one, click HERE.

Here is part two of this Project Spurs’ interview with Green where he talks on the Spurs’ first round series loss to Memphis, the lockout, and more.

Also, if you are in the New York area, Green is holding a basketball camp in North Babylon, NY from August 1-5 at Robert Moses Middle School. The fee is $250 which includes free lunch for the week for the kids in attendance, professional speakers, trainers and more.

Jeff: Looking back on the first-round series loss to Memphis, what are your thoughts on why it ended the way it did?

Danny: I think it was a number of reasons. I don’t think it was one reason. I think the fact that we weren’t healthy as a group. Manu (Ginobili) was hurt, his elbow, Timmy just came off the ankle injury, the chemistry kind of got thrown off a little bit.

Tony (Parker) he had a couple of games where he wasn’t himself but I can’t take away any credit from Memphis. They played a hell of a series. They played great. They were all clicking, everybody was hitting their jump-shots, we tried to stop their bigs but we really couldn’t. Zach Randolph had a great series, Marc Gasol had a great series too and everybody else played their role very well hitting shots. They played together as a group. You know they beat us. Even after our series they gave Oklahoma a tough run too.

You can’t take anything away from them. They are a good team. Things for us weren’t clicking. Like I said, we were coming off injuries and they just played better.

Kevin Love recently said he was kind of glad Miami didn’t win the Finals. What are your thoughts?

I’m not going to comment on that. My thing is Dallas has been together for a long time and they deserved it, they earned it. They didn’t just like put a team together of stars and try to win it. I guess that’s why Kevin Love is probably like, it’s not right that guys buys championships. Guys don’t like that guys form a team together and think they can win. They want to see guys really earn it.

I give it up to Dallas. I think they really earned it. They been together for a long time. They’re an old-school team. They worked really hard and played really well. They deserved it.

It’s not to say Miami didn’t play great too. They played really good for a team that just got put together in one year. They met a lot of people’s expectations.

Your thoughts on the lockout. Think it will end sooner?

I’m hoping. Honestly, I have no idea, no clue. When it first came about, and the football lockout was going on, we figured it was helping us that they were going through it before us, so we can be prepared for it as well. I thought that it wasn’t going to last too long because the judge ruled in the player’s (NFL players) favor for them, and we hope the same for us.

Like right now I have no clue what’s going to happen. One day we’re close, next day we are so far apart you never know. All I can do is read Twitter and follow everything on the Internet to see what’s going on.

Any special message for Spurs fans who are following your career?

For a guy that just got there, only been there for a couple of months, didn’t play a lot of minutes, I didn’t play at all really, and for them to be die-hard fans of mine already and they welcome me like it’s my home, it makes me feel comfortable there. I really want to make that (San Antonio) kind of like a second home for me. I feel great, they welcome me, and it’s (Spurs) a great organization. You can’t go wrong with an organization like that.