Project Spurs Western Conference Top 5 Teams


Here is the final top 5 West teams for 2008.

1.  Lakers — Beating the Celtics was huge for this team.  They had to prove they are better team than the C’s and pulled off the victory in the final quarter.  Moving Walton to the small forward position was a great move by Phillip Jackson. 
2.  Spurs — Yes they are winning but look at this current 5 game win streak.  Barely getting by the Suns with a 3 shot by Mason and having to go to double OT just to beat the Grizz shouldn’t sit well with Spurs fans.  This is an old team and OT games should not be a part of the plan if they want to go deep into the playoffs.
3.  Nuggets — Still benefitting from the AI for Billups trade and Melo has been quietly putting up huge numbers in their recent games.
4.  Hornets — Just when you thought they got their act together, they got spanked by the Magic on national TV and suffered a loss against the Lakers.  You got to question their heart.
5.  Rockets — Will this team ever have Artest, T-Mac and Ming on the floor at the same time for more than a few games?  Stop me if you heard this before about the Rockets, injuries plague this team.  But wait, they just signed 42 year old Mutombo.  That should fix everything.