Project Spurs Top 5 Teams in the Western Conference for Jan. 8, 2009


It’s a new year and a new Project Spurs Western Conference Power rankings

1.  Lakers — Thanks to the Celt’s dropping games of late, the Lakers now have the top record in the NBA.  They are also 10-0 since losing to the Kings.
2. Spurs — Winning close games versus the Heat, and 76’ers (SUCK IT PHILLY!) but still an issue they will need to address.  Also they haven’t really been tested by the better teams but that will soon change as they got games against the Magic and Lakers.  
3.  Hornets — They are having an up and down season.  Winning some and losing some.  They lost the division lead to the Spurs but still are a dangerous team for any team out West.
4.  Nuggets — With plenty of home games coming up, they should be challenging for the Northwest Division.
5.  Blazers — With Roy still hurt, the Blazers are still hanging tough in his absence.