Pretend Spurs keep rolling, beat Timberwolves


Computer simulations seem to love the San Antonio Spurs. According to, the “Pretend Spurs” hammered the “Pretend Timberwolves” in “Pretend Minnesota” over the weekend, beating them 128-99.

Tony Parker scored 31 points and Kawhi Leonard and DeJuan Blair combined for 29 points. Clearly Accuscore is taking in to account Blair has been taking it easy on the Whataburgers with cheese.

For whatever reason, it appears Accuscore likes them some Leonard but apparently doesn’t like “Pretend Ricky Rubio” since Parker shredded him and the rest of the T’Wolves’ defense.

Here is how the sim-game went down:

San Antonio Spurs 128, Minnesota Timberwolves 99
Now this is the Minnesota team we’ve come to know and love.  After winning their first five games, the Wolves have lost their last three.  The Spurs blitzed the Wolves led by Tony Parkers 31 points and 6 assists.  DeJuan Blair and Kawhi Leonard combined to score 29 shooting 13 for 20 from the field.

Nice work “Pretend Spurs” but I want real NBA basketball back.