Spurs news and notes: Popovich jokes with McHale, quotes from game one, and more


• Though the San Antonio Spurs lost game one to the Memphis Grizzlies today, check out this video of coach Gregg Popovich jokingly calling out Boston Celtics great and TNT NBA analyst Kevin McHale:

• Express News’ Tim Griffin shares the quotes given by the Spurs media services from the Spurs loss to the Grizzlies in game one.

• 3 Shades of Blue jokingly say Popovich wants further review of the Memphis trade that brought them Marc Gasol and share their thoughts on the Grizzlies win over the Spurs.

• Dallas Mavericks’ owner and Spurs fans favorite owner to hate Mark Cuban is taking a no trash-talk policy during the Mavs’ series with the Portland Trail Blazers:

“There’s no natural rivalry with Portland” Cuban said with a smile. “There’s no reason to call them out. It’s not like I run into a lot of Portlandiers.” (dallasnews.com)