Player X: Duncan can’t be rattled


On ESPN Insider’s Player X blog, an anonymous NBA player has been blogging about relationships in the NBA, season predictions and how he learned to love LeBron James.

Today he turned to talking about trash talking in the NBA and how it makes the game better.

“There isn’t enough trash-talking in this league, and we’re the worse for it. Players are just too buddy-buddy; a lot of us grew up together in AAU ball and have remained friends. Because of that, the NBA basically looks like the cool-kid clique in high school.I miss the loud old days. A few decades ago, in the heyday of trash, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and the Knicks couldn’t shut up. Those guys all played with emotion, and that fuels the best trash-talk. It’s no coincidence that some of the best ball ever seen was played during the top trash-talking era.”

After taking a few shots at Celtics forward Kevin Garnett and calling him a “punk,” the anonymous player gave out some jabs to use on other players and turned to two Spurs players.

“Don’t bother with Tim Duncan; dude can’t hear a thing and never gets rattled. But feel free to remind Tony Parker that “Eva is fine”; wives are over the line, but not exes.”

I’m not surprised to hear that Duncan does not get rattled, after all, he’s a four-time champion, two-time MVP, 13-time All-Star and a lock to be in the Hall-of-Fame. What do you tell someone with that kind of career? You look funny?

In the NBA and in the land of the Spurs, success drowns out all noise.