Parker recruiting Batum for ASVEL


With several NBA players signing contracts overseas and reports that Magic big man Dwight Howard is also open to the possibility, the next few weeks should see several other players following their lead.

One player that could be among that next pack is Blazers forward Nicolas Batum.

Batum, who the San Antonio Spurs reportedly promised to select in the 2008 NBA Draft, is a teammate of Spurs guard Tony Parker on the French National Team.

According to, Parker could be looking to keep Batum in France for good. Parker is the second-largest shareholder of the  French Pro A League team, ASVEL, and holds the ceremonial title of Vice President of Basketball Operations.

It appears Parker is taking his role seriously, as ASVEL has just thrown its hat into the ring for the services of Batum, and Parker will represent the team and contact Batum about the opportunity.

This could be just a look at what’s to come for Parker, who is expected to buy another 20 percent of the club and become the majority shareholder and president of ASVEL when he retires.