News4WOAI Sports Roundtable powered by Project Spurs


If you haven’t noticed the last few days, Project Spurs has officially formed a partnership with WOAI.

Part of that partnership means you’ll start seeing Project Spurs content on the website. We’ve been putting up excerpts of a few of our post on their website this week.

But today, we got to kick into action an even more exciting part of the partnership. I will now be hosting/producing the Spurs Roundtable and it is now a joint project of Project Spurs and News4WOAI.

I’ll be hosting the bi-monthly shows. Paul Garcia and Jeff Garcia will join me and occasionally we will have other members of the staff join in on the fun and even bring in some special guests.

We’ve experimented with video versions of the Spurscast and we’ve been thinking about bringing that back, but now we’ll be doing that through the roundtable. We are all very excited about all aspects of this partnership and we hope you enjoy our first episode, taped earlier today.

Many thanks to Bob Gambert for the opportunity.