Neal posterization now Kings’ profile pic


The Sacramento Kings didn’t have much to be happy about this regular season.

They dealt with news on a possible move to Anaheim, CA, rookie DeMarcus Cousin’s antics in the Kings’ locker room, an injury to star Tyreke Evans and ending the season with a losing record currently at 23-55.

So is there anything the Kings can look back at and smile? Apparently there is something.

By now everyone has seen the vicious dunk Kings’ Evans had on San Antonio Spurs guard Gary Neal in the last meeting between the two teams in San Antonio.

Well check out the image on the Kings’ official Facebook page capturing the moment:

Poor Neal but you know, let them have this moment. Especially with a season Sacramento had to endure. 

So while the Kings can relish on this one moment, the Spurs will be heading to the playoffs contending for title number five.