NBA suspends Bryant


Stu Jackson has announced that Kobe Bryant will be suspended one game without pay for “striking San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili in the face.”
We’re sure Kobe just forgot that he wasn’t in some Colorado hotel room and thats the reason he decided to “bitch slap” Manu.
Did he deserve to be suspended? I’m not so sure about that, but right when that happened, I thought to myself “nobody will ever call Kobe dirty for hitting Manu or running into Robert Horry on a potentially game winning play, but you know everyone will be calling Manu a flopper in the morning.”
And they did, including some fool who writes for Dime Magazine:
“How about Manu’s dramatics after getting smacked by Kobe following the block? After laying on the ground like he’d taken a Lennox Lewis right cross, Manu was on the bench for a few minutes while Michele Tafoya reported that he had cotton in his nose, in his mouth, and ice on his eye. Really, was Kobe’s hit that bad?”
Instead of talking about Manu’s hustle to even get to that shot after Bryant pump faked Bowen out of his shoes, or talk about how Manu plays with so much heart, passion and determination, his name gets tainted with bullshit like that.
But Bryant gets a 1 game suspension, meaning he has to sit out a game against the Knicks. I’m sure that hurts him. Now I’m actually a fan of Bryant’s, I just hate how no one would ever dare think anything wrong about him because he’s the media and NBA’s darling, but people are calling out Manu. Doens’t make much sense to me.