Mavericks’ Terry keeps stoking the fires


Just the other day Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Terry said the Mavericks can catch the league-leading San Antonio Spurs. He even went as far to say he wants see the Spurs in the playoffs.

Well here we go again.

Terry amped up the Spurs-Mavericks rivalry today saying he wants the Spurs in the Western Conference Finals only to beat San Antonio and move on to the NBA Finals:

“For me, it wasn’t necessarily catching them now. We’d much rather catch them in the Western Conference finals and then go onto the championship. Like I said, we’re going to catch them sooner or later. It’s definitely got to come to that. How we finished last year, us and them, they knocked us out. The year before we knocked them out, so this is it. This is like Thrilla in Manila Part III. The Trilogy, so to speak.”  (

You know I’m sure Spurs fans across the globe want to put a muzzle on Terry but for as much as Spurs fans can fire back by saying the Spurs have four NBA titles while the Mavericks have none, Terry himself summed it up best:

“But, they got the rings, we don’t. We’re still little brother to them, so it’s definitely a rivalry. We’re watching their score and I know they’re watching ours.” 

That’s right Terry. San Antonio does have the rings and Dallas doesn’t. Also, I doubt the Spurs care about what Dallas is doing or even playoff positioning. Dallas had the better record last season and what happened in the playoffs when they matched up against the Spurs?  

Oh and one more thing Terry, when the Spurs have gone to the NBA Finals, they are 4-0 and don’t choke like Dallas did against the Miami Heat. 

Isn’t it great Spurs fans to know San Antonio is in the head of Terry and the Mavericks?