Mavericks Commentary: Coach Carlisle, Beaubois speak on Spurs’ recent moves


Before his team was defeated by the San Antonio Spurs this past Friday in San Antonio, Dallas MavericksRC head coach Rick Carlisle spoke about some of the recent roster moves the Spurs have made to prepare for the postseason.

Coach Carlisle first spoke on the Spurs’ two newest signings in Patty Mills and Boris Diaw.

“Patty Mills is a really good shooter,” said Carlisle. “With the way that they play, he fits into their scheme.

“He can step in and make shots and he can make some plays himself. With losing Ford, they had to do something at the point.”

“Diaw’s been a very good player in this league and he’s got playoff experience too.”

When asked if this is one of the more aggressive seasons in making moves for the Spurs, Carlisle said they’ve done it before.

“When they got Richard Jefferson a couple of years ago, that was a big move. Jackson is a big move.”

“They’re loading up for a run. They feel this thing’s wide open like the rest of us.”

I also asked Mavericks point guard Rodrigue Beaubois who comes from France, where Tony Parker and Diaw are from, how the moves would work in the Spurs’ favor.

Paul: What do you think Boris Diaw brings to this Spurs team?

Beaubois: He can help everyone get better because he don’t have to be the one to shoot the ball on the floor to be effective. It’s a great acquisition for them, plus it’s going to be Tony and Boris, so it’s going to be great for them.

How will Boris fit in with this Spurs team as the playoffs are less than a month away?

Boris, he’s a guy who can fit anywhere. He can play anywhere on the floor, plus Tony’s there.