Little Known Oberto Facts Part VII


Once Oberto jumped from a plane….thus the end of the dinosaurs!
Oberto can keep his eyes open when he sneezes!
Don’t ever ask Oberto for a “jaw-breaker” candy!
There are certain things Oberto does not know. Like the meaning of mercy!
One word you can make from Fabricio Oberto’s name is “FEAR”!
If you give Oberto a bag of Lay’s Potato Chips, Oberto can in fact just eat one!
Oberto is the only NBA player to simultaneously play each position on the floor…..his left arm is the point guard, right arm is shooting guard, his left leg is center, right leg is small forward, and left leg is power forward while his hair dunks the ball!
In the NBA world, some players who don’t get playing time get a DNP in the box-score. DNP is also known as “Fear of Oberto”!
When traveling, Oberto’s luggage gets its own private plane!

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