Little Known Oberto Facts Part IX


Oberto listens to Metallica to go to bed!
While exploring the world, Oberto got tired of going around the Americas. Fed up, he created the Panama Canal, with his bare hands!
Oberto CAN find the needle in a haystack!
The show “Lost” is based on the true story of people who escaped the wrath of Oberto!
If you answer every question with “Oberto” on “Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire?” you will not become a millionaire………you become a trillionaire!
If Oberto was a Transformer, Oberto would transform into Oberto!
When Oberto goes to the dentist, the dentist uses a jack-hammer, TNT and cement to fix Oberto’s cavities…………..WITHOUT NOVOCAINE!
Oberto doesn’t “take” a crap! He “torpedos” a crap!
One time, Oberto got soo pissed that he threw a basketball into space. You know that basketball as Halley’s Comet!
When the Census Bureau comes to visit Oberto, he is asked how many live in his household. He says “Three! Myself, and my two testicles!”
One time Oberto did a massive crap which covered the state of California. Thus giving the inspiration for the movie “The Blob”!

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