Leftover Notes and Quotes: Playoff Edition


From time to time, in my interviews or story research, I came across great notes or quotes that may not be relevant for the current article, but they’re also too good to be left on the cutting room floor. The leftover notes and quotes title is used as an homage to former Express-News sports editor Barry Robinson.

• Bonner’s long shot

San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner, who had been struggling with his shot prior to the playoffs, is currently averaging 7.5 points per game and shooting 42 percent from beyond the arch.

“It’s just the life of a shooter,” Bonner said about working out of his slump. “The normal even flow of the season.”

If you had been early enough to watch Bonner warm up prior to games  a year ago, he used to start shooting several shots from the three-point line and went even farther until he reached the half-court line, even sinking a good percentage of those shots.

“I don’t do that anymore,” Bonner said. “I do it sometimes just for fun.”

Bonner, who has been snubbed from three-point shooting contests over the years, would likely be the first to sign up for a half-court shooting event, 

“Yea, I’d probably be good at that,” he said. 

• Gasol on 8th seed myth

Through two games, most NBA pundits and fans realize the Memphis Grizzlies aren’t your ordinary 8th seed. Grizzlies center Marc Gasol would be the last person to accept being named the underdog due to their playoff seeding.

“We know we can compete against anybody,”Gasol said. “We just try to play our game and not lose focus.”

• Playoff Milestones
Gary Neal scored 10 points in his first playoff game against Memphis on April 17. That feat made him the first Spurs undrafted rookie in franchise history to score in double figures in a playoff game

The Spurs have the third-best all-time playoff road record with a 60-87 record.