LeBron takes LeBron over Kobe in a one-on-one game


While the NBA lockout raged into nuclear winter yesterday, arguably the league’s best player was in London on a promotional tour.

While there, our friends at HoopsFix.com got a few minutes to chat with Maimi Heat’s LeBron James about a hypothetical one-on-one game between he and Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant. LeBron was asked who would win in said match up and before saying he would always take himself in a game of one-on-one, he said it will never happen because basketball is a team sport. Check out the video.

I loved 90% of this answer. The last sentence was awfully crass, though. But at the same time I still liked this response. It showed self confidence but it also showed an understanding of something larger than oneself.

Kobe had a very different version of how it would work. Kobe said one-on-one is what he does, but added that LeBron is more of a Magic Johnson type of player.

LeBron’s right, it’ll never happen unless they decide to mess around during practice for the 2012 Olympics. Hopefully someone has a camera handy in case that does happen!