Lakers’ Brown bringing work ethic to LA


The 2011-12′ NBA season may be currently on hold due to the NBA lockout but that hasn’t stopped former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach and new Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown from preparing as if there will be a season.

The Orange County Register’s Kevin Ding recently had a one-on-one interview with Brown where Brown discussed some details about a new change in his personal life, how he prepared for his interview with the Lakers, the new positive culture he intends to bring to “Lakerland”, and why the 11-12′ Lakers won’t be about the “Kobe show.”

“This team is completely different from what I had in Cleveland,” Brown said. “In Cleveland, I had a guy who liked to come off the top of the floor, liked to play in space and play pick-and-roll and make plays for others. Here, I’ve got two guys similar to what we had in San Antonio; you’re able to throw them the ball on the block.”

With Brown implementing the Spurs’ system from the 2003 title team, it could work as the perfect formula to make sure everyone on the floor gets a fair amount of shots. Though Bryant has been known as one who takes more shots than anyone else on his team, this system could help Bryant persevere his body and add a few extra miles to it.

By putting the workload on Gasol and Bynum, Bryant will be able to work within the offense, which in turn will take a lot of the pressure off of him to have to produce the majority majority of the Lakers’ points. He’ll get to pick and choose when to shoot and when to pass, and when he does get some shots off of a Gasol-Bynum double teams, he’ll have less pressure from the defense as they’re scrambling to get back to the shooters.

Bryant should give Brown’s system a shot. 

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