Kobe heads back to Germany for knee treatment


Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant needs more of that fancy blood treatment for his knee injury. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Kobe went overseas in order to get the blood treatment for his knee that is unrelated to his Achilles injury suffered at the end of last season.

Coach Mike D'Antoni weighed in on his star's decision to get the platelet rich plasma therapy treatment again.

"He knew he had time because he's not getting on the court yet," D'Antoni said Thursday. "I don't think it caught anybody by surprise. Instead of doing it in August, he's doing it now. There's no concern whatsoever."

Athletes seeking cutting edge treatment is nothing new, but the timing of the treatment is something that certainly raised eyebrows around the NBA.

With so much turnover on the Los Angeles Lakers’ roster this off season, logic would dictate that, building team chemistry during training camp would be a high priority.

While Kobe playing in games was not very likely, his presence in training camp scrimmages would help the new additions get use to playing with him.

So now with this mini-vacation, the time frame just got pushed back further.

So San Antonio Spurs fans, do you think this is a case of Kobe looking out for himself or just him making sure he is ready for the season?