Kevin Durant wanted Belinelli with the Thunder ‘badly’


The San Antonio Spurs acquired Marco Belinelli in the offseason which should bolster the team's bench heading into next season.

After coming close to a fifth title in franchise history last season, the Spurs needed to ensure the team is loaded with talent considering the rest of the Western Conference will be packed with playoff bound teams such as the Thunder.

However, Marco wasn't just coveted by the Spurs. It seems Kevin Durant had hopes the Thunder would have added him to their roster.

“No doubt," Durant said in an interview, when asked whether Belinelli could have helped the Thunder. "I tried to get him on our team, but unfortunately, San Antonio came in and got him from us. I wanted him on our team bad.
"He’s going to be a guy that we play against a lot and we have to find ways to stop him.”
Had Belinelli signed with the Thunder, there was no doubt he would have proved to been a huge boost to their team which would have given the Spurs more fits against their Western Conference rival next season.
In 15 career games against the Thunder, Marco is averaging 8.2 points, and shooting 41 percent in 22.8 minutes.
(via Real GM)