Jackie Butler is so fat… Part 7


When he plays in Denver, the mile high city, the city sinks down to sea level.
He was called for goal-tending when Bowen threw a meatball sandwich in the trash.
It has taken 7 blog posts to describe just how fat he is
He named his best 3 dunks as “super size”, “the combo meal” and “i’ll have fries with that”
On a fast break, he saw his chance to run up the court, miss a lay up, and continued to run out the AT &T center straight to McDonalds.
Once when he fell on the floor of the AT&T Center he stopped all telecommunications activity in Texas
When asked about his thoughts on assistant coach Chip Engelland, he said “chip? great with salsa”
He recorded his first ever triple double before the game at the AT&T center when he ordered three double cheeseburgers at the food court before tip off.
The only time Butler has participated in a fast break was when Dunkin Donuts was about to close