How about Asik in black and silver?


An interesting opportunity has arisen from Dwight Howard officially taking his talents to Houston.  Omer Asik has made his desire not to play behind Howard known via a trade request.

The San Antonio Spurs should seize the moment and see if the Houston Rockets would be willing to entertain Asiks’ trade request. Now trading to an intra-divisional foe would be a misstep by Houston but then again, it is not like Spurs have traded within the division in the past. Remember the Luis Scola trade?

Recently, Sports World Report mentioned San Antonio might be a possible destination (via trade) for Omer but what can the Spurs trade for the big man?

A possible trade would have Matt Bonner and Danny Green heading to the Rockets in exchange for Omer Asik and Francisco Garcia, (courtesy of the ESPN Trade Machine).

During the Finals, the Miami Heat exploited the Spurs inability to clearing the boards was a key point in not being able to finish the games six and seven off.

 Asik would bring a stronger presence on the boards, greater ability to make opponents change their shots and flexibility in being able to pair with the other big men in San Antonio.  He would be a presence down low when paired with Boris Diaw or Tim Duncan in the high post.

This trade would give Tiago Splitter a opportunity to build up his confidence via working against the other team’s second unit.   There by providing him the confidence to not to disappear when the Spurs need him the most.

The acquisition of Francisco Garcia would help replace the shooting that would be loss with the trade of Danny Green.  Garcia is perimeter shooter that will fit well in the Spurs do what you do best offense.  As stated in this article, written by Patrick Harrel of the Dream Shake website, Garcia is a “Knockdown Shooter with Big Time Confidence and Big Time Range," but plays with a “high basketball IQ” that is required to play for Coach Greg Popovich.

Now I am disappointed in seeing the shooting of Matt Bonner (aka the Red Mamba) but his lack of effectiveness down low caused Coach Popovich to keep him on the bench for a majority of the NBA Finals series.  If Bonner’s shot is not falling, then there is not another way for him to contribute to the Spurs cause.

The loss of Danny Green would be a bit more noticeable. He had clutch moments and showed up big in the playoffs and Finals.  The Rockets would seeking something in value in return for Asik and the only other option would Kawhi Leonard; and you have a better chance of seeing Coach Popovich do a warm and fuzzy press conference.

While in the end keeping Green would be ideal, but to get assets of value, a team needs to give up assets of value as well.

Well Spurs fans, how do you as starting front line of Kawhi Leonard, Tim Duncan and Omer Asik would look come Playoffs next season?