Hollis Thompson Making the Most of His Opportunity



Summer League is the best chance for players to show off their skills for all 30 teams to see. As a player you have to make the most of the opportunity just to give yourself a shot at making a team. Hollis Thompson was that guy from this year’s San Antonio Spurs Summer League team.
Thompson, an undrafted player last year out of Georgetown, spent this past season playing in the D-League. He was never able to crack it into the NBA during the season, but he was able to land a spot on the Spurs Summer League roster.
Thompson averaged 25.2 minutes over his 5 games, so there was plenty of time to see him in action. 
Through the first 4 games, Thompson showed his ability to fit into the lineup that was filled with Cory Joseph, Nando De Colo, and Aron Baynes. There weren’t many shot attempts to go around for him, but he seemed to fit the role nicely. His defensive intensity and hustle stood out to those watching. He was able to hold his own and looked effective as a fourth or fifth guy on the court.
When the final game came, Thompson was awarded the chance to show off his full game. A thin 6’8” Thompson finished with 21 points on 8-12 shooting. He was able to create his own shot off the dribble and knock down the open three. He is constantly all over the court, seeming to always be in motion on both ends. Defensively he plays with an energy that gets tips, steals, and blocks. Offensively he never stays still even when without the ball. You would see him constantly on the offensive glass or cutting backdoor on a defender. 
All of these intangibles are what teams are looking for. They need guys who can fill the gaps, not guys that score 20 points a night. Thompson is certainly a guy who can give you all of the intangibles when it comes to a game. If he can show the ability to consistently knock down the open three, that will make it hard for teams to ignore him. He’s making a nice niche for himself and his opportunity might be around the corner if a team needs a player to bring some energy and effort at the wings on both ends. If Corey Brewer can basically base his game off this same skill set, I don’t see why Thompson won’t eventually get a chance somewhere in the NBA.