Grading the Spurs


We’re halfway done with the NBA season, so you know what that means. It’s time for grades. graded all the teams in the league on their frontcourt, backcourt, defense, bench, coaching and gave them an overall grade for the whole team.

SpursDespite not getting a lot of love from the media during their 11-game win streak, the Spurs seem to have a lot of respect from the guys at Overall they were given an A, the highest grade that was given out, along with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Definitely something to be proud of.

The highest grades for the Spurs came from their backcourt, mostly because of the way Tony Parker has been playing and from their coaching, because everyone knows Coach Pop is a genius.

Manu Ginobili missed 22 games after breaking a finger. But Tony Parker stepped in like a World’s Strongest Man competitor and carried the team in his absence, averaging a career high in assists and earned an All-Star berth. 

The lowest grade came in the defense category. The Spurs are not the defensive powerhouse they once were, now allowing more than 95 points a game, but luckily their offense is keeping up.

The Spurs were written off before the season as being too old. When they got off to a slow start on the road, people thought their reign on top of the Western Conference was coming to a close.

But halfway through the season, the Spurs are in second place in the West, breathing down the necks of the Thunder. If the Spurs can stay healthy, and Manu can bounce back from this most recent injury, they’ll definitely be a force to contend with in the playoffs.