Ginobili says Rockets and Hawks had interest in signing him


On Monday July 1, before the San Antonio Spurs received a verbal commitment from free agent Manu Ginobili on Wednesday, there was a report stating the Houston Rockets had interest in signing Ginobili.

Well, now according to Ginobili himself, the Rockets indeed did have interest him as well as former Spurs front office member and teammate, Danny Ferry, as the Atlanta Hawks also inquired about Ginobili’s services on July 1.

"I was contacted two or three teams after July 1st if not renewed with San Antonio" , Manu confirmed there was interest on the part of Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks.

These quotes come from as Ginobili held a press conference in Argentina early Thursday morning. Ginobili also said getting a deal done quickly with San Antonio, came on Tuesday.

"On Monday I returned from vacation and on Tuesday we started talking and came to a quick agreement. Both sides were enthusiastic and there were many doubts, "Ginobili said of the renewal of contract with the Spurs for the next two seasons.

"I always said I was going to stay for life in San Antonio and that the chances of signing on another team were very remote. entiendieron I do not think what I put on Twitter about who was a free agent, "he said.

Will these last two years be the end of Ginobili’s career? Ginobili says it’s possible or there’s a chance he could continue playing.

"For now I'll say play two years, but you never know. If you still feel that excitement then I'll keep playing, and if after a year I feel that I can retire. "