Ginobili discusses (not) defending Durant


Kevin DurantThe San Antonio Spurs return home tonight after a mildly disappointing couple of games in Oklahoma City.  After another stink bomb of a 2nd quarter, the Spurs looked like they might come back from a 12 point half time deficit. They got within three points early in the fourth quarter, seemed to trade baskets with the Thunder until Kevin Durant went nuts, scoring 16 points in the final six minutes of the game.

After the game Manu Ginobili talked to the Oklahoman’s Ryan Aber about the trouble the Spurs had defending Durant. 

“Well, when a player that talented gets hot, he’s really hard to contain. We tried different things, and they didn’t work. He scored a bunch on a short period of time. When we tried to blitz or really help, he (passed) it. They made big shots.”

Durant did kind of go in to Dirk mode with those elbow jumpers.  Sometimes you can’t stop that. 

Next game though, expect to see quick double teams from a ton different directions and players.  I think the Spurs will be comfortable letting someone else (besides probably James Harden) take three point shots than letting Durant more or less shoot a free throw.  We also will probably see more Stephen Jackson on Durant to try to bully him around.  The only problem there might be the referees having quick whistles.  The Spurs will make adjustments and hopefully don’t have to deal with the Thunder’s seven footers missing four shots combined for the game.