George Karl says only Spurs, Thunder can capture NBA crown


It’s down to the final eight team in the NBA playoffs and the San Antonio Spurs are one of them.

Currently, the Spurs are facing the Clippers and hold a 1-0 lead in their semi final match and after shaking off some rust, the team looked every bit of the title contender. On the other side of the West playoff bracket, the Thunder also looked like every bit the title contender as well, after demolishing the Lakers in Game 1 of their semi finals matchup.

And it is one of these two teams that Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl feels will win the 2011-12 NBA title.

I think all season long everybody in basketball thought Oklahoma City was the best team in the west, but were they mature enough to show that? I think last night, I think everybody right now, I think it’s going to be a San Antonio-Oklahoma City thing.

San Antonio is playing with so much flow and rhythm and rhythmatic offense and their defense is not great but it is solid. It’s still a pretty good defensive team. Their offense is so in flow right now I love watching San Antonio play. And this is the time of year where there’s a separation and I’m not ready to sign the contract but I’m pretty sure Oklahoma City is a higher degree than everybody else right now, along with, probably, San Antonio.

I’m very prejudiced toward the west. I’ll be honest with you, I think there’s four or five teams in the West that can beat Miami.

Karl says one of these teams will be able to take down the Miami Heat, especially after Miami lost Chris Bosh to an abdominal injury.

But should the Spurs and Thunder meet in the Western Conference Finals, it will one an epic series that could go six or seven games. In the regular season, San Antonio won the season series 2-1 and the Spurs looked quite poised versus the talented OKC team. And with the way both the Spurs and Thunder looked in the first game of their semi final matchup, all signs are pointing to these two West powers meeting for a chance at an NBA title.

What do you  have to say Spurs fans? Is the real NBA Finals going to be a Spurs-Thunder WCF series? If so, can the Spurs take out Miami in the NBA Finals should the Heat make it that far?