Gasol doesn’t see his future in L.A.


The Los Angeles Lakers already tried to trade big man Pau Gasol once, he thinks they’ll try again.

Since the Lakers almost traded Gasol to New Orleans for Chris Paul before the season started, Gasol has said over and over again how happy he was to still be in a Laker uniform, but it looks like that may not last forever.

With the trade deadline coming up, rumors are swirling around everywhere, including ones about where Gasol might end up.

“There’s talks and rumors every day. Today I was reading it was Minnesota is really interested in trying to put a good package together,” Gasol said. “[Other teams are] calling, and it seems like things are just waiting for the right offer to come along, for [the Lakers] to pull the trigger.”

Gasol’s self-confidence must really be taking a beating. His scoring average is down, he thinks his team is trying to trade him and he missed making the All-Star roster this year. He’s trying to stay upbeat, but it must be tough.

“Every day I tell myself, try to let it go. Don’t think about it. Have fun, be the player you are out there,” he said. “That’s all that you can do.”

For now, Gasol still puts on the Lakers jersey, but I agree with him that it probably won’t be permanent. If the Lakers tried to trade him already, nothing has changed since then that would make them change their minds.