Game 5 a must-win for Spurs?


Tony ParkerESPN’s Hannah Storm and Stephen A. Smith talked about the importance of Game 5 tonight in San Antonio for both the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.

“San Antonio has to win tonight or the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night are going to the finals,” Smith said. “It is that simple, they have got to get it done tonight.”

Home court has treated the Spurs well, without a single playoff loss coming in the San Antonio this postseason. The Spurs also just lose five games all season in their  comfy confines at One AT&T Center Parkway.

ESPN’s 5-on-5 crew also discussed tonight’s pivotal game, with all five picking the Spurs to win tonight’s game.

Arnovitz: San Antonio has the home floor and it’s hard to believe they don’t have the strength and savvy for a firm counterpunch, both tactically and psychologically.

The Spurs have had plenty of game tape to look over the mistakes they’ve made the last two games, but the biggest adjustment likely needs to come from Tony Parker. Being back home and hearing the MVP chants again may be more than enough motivation for him to show some of the dominance he showed in Game 1 and 2.

As Paul Garcia said in his excellent Game 5 preview, DeJuan Bair needs to get more playing time and the Spurs will need to show up for the second quarter to swing the momentum back in their favor.

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