Game 4 Live Blog


The Spurs will have to have to take care of the ball tonight and not let dumb mistakes get them down. This will be an even tougher game in Denver. The Nuggets will want a win on their home court and they’ll be playing in front of a raucous Pepsi Center crowd.
First Quarter
Nuggets setting the tone by starting the game off with an alley-oop right off the bat.
Elson is playing well, getting some easy baskets, but the Nuggets are getting into the paint way too easily.
Jacque Vaughn cannot stay with AI. They should try going back to the game 3 strategy of putting Tony on him. Spurs need a timeout to get refocused.
Much needed thre by Manu, but Iverson is playing like he did in game 1.
Spurs starting to chip away a bit, but Iverson is on fire.
Second Quarter
Najera is a god defender, but Duncan has a big height advantage, so he really needs to go at him. Seems he’s finally starting to do that.
Wow, can’t complain about our centers. Both Elson and Oberto are playing well and it seems like Oberto is frustrating Carmelo.
Spurs go up by win wth Duncan’s two free throws.
Spurs are playing good defense now, but Nuggets arent missing. Manu really needs tot ake over. I don’t think anyone can guard him one one one when he is on and tries to penetrate.
50-42 Denver at the half. Luckily Carmelo Anhony picked up three fould but the Nuggets are rolling and plaing well. Someone from San Antonio needs to take the pressure off Tim Duncan. He’s having a terrible game and it seems the defense of Camby and Nene are bothering him. Tony or Manu needs to step up and get their rythm going in the second half.
Third Quarter
Whew..needed that three by Fin. But since then he’s gone ghost.
Carmelo Anthony is playing a great basketball game.
Spurs really need to get some consistent offense from somewhere. They’re getting shots here and there, but Iverson and Melo are still scoring waaay too easily.
Thank you Robert Horry. Damn, but Denver comes right back,
I hate to bitch about officiating, but if Duncan got the calls Carmelo is, this game would be a lot closer. Like Barkley said, Duncan is and contunues to get murdered with no calls.
Finally some offense from the Spurs, but Denver leads 73 to 67 to close the third.
Fourth Quarter
Whew, nice screen by Oberto and shot by Vaughn to start the 4th.
Glad Manu was aggressive going to the basket.
MANUUUUU! for three to take the lead 74-73.
Spurs really need to put the defensive pressure on now to keep this lead.
Lets see what this small lineup can do.Terrible pass to lead to a steal ad breakaway slam by Smith.
Need a score bad. Time out with Denver leading by 3 with just under 8 minutes left. Need better defense on Iverson. I know professional remodelers who don’t get into the paint that much.
YESS. Finley 3. He needed that second three though. Good stop.
Wher atre the god damned foul calls!
About damn time. Is it gonna take an injury for the next time they call a foul.
Chance to even it up if Tony can hit this free throw. Time for a stop.
Tony’s taking over. Bowen with the dunk. 87-85 Spurs
Here we go, need this basket. Great rebounding by Horry by the way. Cmon timmy, hit these free throws. 1 of 2 for Timmy. 3 point game.
Great block by Bowen. 50 seconds to go and the Spurs are up by 3 with posession.
Wow, bad series, turnover and 2 by Blake. BIG SHOT ROB BABY!!!!!!!!!! 3 with a hand in his face to give the Spurs a 4 point lead with 30 seconds left.
Spurs need to burn as much of the next 24 seconds to leave the Nuggets with only a few seconds to score.
Fin at the line to end this game. Misses one. Makes the second. 5 point game with 23 seconds to go. Denver ball.
Got a stop when they needed it. Manu hits both free throws. 96-89. Game over.
Spurs take a 3-1 lead. Robert Horry’s three was the turning point. Game 5 back in San Antonio on Wednesday. I don’t think Denver can come back. The Spurs should be able to take care of game 5 and advance.