Free Agent Profile: Channing Frye


channing-286x350.jpgWell off the radar of most Spurs fans, Channing Frye still holds some promise. He got off to a great start his rookie year before a combination of David Lee’s emergence, Isiah Thomas being his coach, and dwindling minutes in Portland took their toll on his stat line.

Frye isn’t a stellar defender, and his rebounding could use some work, but he does have a versatile offensive game. Numbers vary, but when he gets 20-25 minutes a game, and gets a chance to touch the ball, he gives you decent production. He only shot 33% from 3 last year, but with the Spurs roster, and the drive and kick style of Ginobili and Parker, it isn’t unreasonable to expect that to rise above 40%.

Frye is still young enough to improve and add some more stuff to his game, but the big question is if he can be a force beside Duncan. San Antonio needs another rebounder who can be physical under the hoop and alter some shots.

If Portland doesn’t match it, Frye could possibly be attained for $2 million/year. He seems to have stalled since his rookie year, but that likely has as much to do with who he’s had to play behind as anything else. San Antonio is a ‘for the good of the team’ kind of place, and they’re short on big men. Frye could have a career revival here. If nothing else, he’s more proven than Mahinmi is.

Oh yeah, he’s yet another product of Arizona too.

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