Former Spur Edgar Jones had no chance in dunk contest


Who here knows who Edgar Jones is? Anyone? Anyone?

Turns out Edgar Jones is one of the few San Antonio Spurs to ever compete in an NBA or ABA Slam Dunk Contest. Project Spurs co-head honcho Jeff Garcia stumbled upon this gem on YouTube the other day. It’s former Spurs wing Edgar Jones competing in the 1984 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. When Jeff pitched this he said look at who else is in this contest. The dude had no chance.

Here are the other competitors in the 1984 contest: Larry Nance (the eventual winner), former Spur Dominique Wilkins (I’m sure that’s how he wants to be remembered), Clyde Drexler, Julius Irving, Orlando Woolridge, Michael Cooper (he dunked?) and some guys named Joshua Treadway and Darrell Griffith. So yes, Jones stood no chance. You also knew he didn’t stand a chance by watching his first two dunks. The first was something a lot of guys do in warm ups and the second would’ve been nice had it gone down, but it didn’t.

However, Jones settled down and threw down a couple of decent dunks afterwards, finishing only 3 points out of advancing to the semi-finals. Nice work Edgar.

Here’s my question: Which current or former Spurs would you have liked to have seen in the Dunk Contest? For me it’s easily Sean Elliott.