Former, current Spurs blogging the Finals


If you’ve missed Sean Elliott’s witty commentary since the finals broadcasts have been carried on ABC, you can still get his views on the games at his blog on most recent post was about Tony Parker and Robert Horry.
“My goodness. You know what would have made that first half complete last night? If Tony Parker had pulled the old confetti-in-the-bucket trick. Curly Neal would have been jealous,” Elliot said in his post yesterday.Also commenting on Robert Horry’s five blocks in game 2, Elliott said “He was playing T-Ball with the Cavaliers’ shots out there.”
Brent Barry is also blogging during the Finals for He talks about the Finals media session in his latest post and his answers to some possible questions including one about Manu Ginobili and Anderson Varejao.
“Or maybe someone asks about our master thespian Manu Ginobili versus his apprentice Anderson Varejao. I was speaking with a reporter who helped me come up with the idea that this would be the first time in NBA Finals history that referees would carry both whistles and yellow cards.”
You can read Brent Barry’s thoughts on that finals at his blog.