Final Western Conference Power Rankings


Well tonight is the last game for the 2007-2008 NBA regular season for the Spurs and the NBA.  So with the playoffs fast approaching, here are the power rankings going into the playoffs for the Western Conference.
1.  Lakers.  Frankly, Kobe and Co. have been bringing it every night.  Their bench is contributing, and Pau and Kobe still are meshing nicely.  Plus they locked up home court advantage and the number 1 seed in the West.  They took care of business when it counted when they dismantled the Spurs, thus overcoming a set-back in their quest for the top seed.
2.  Hornets.  Though this team went through a rough patch and lost their handle on the number 1 seed in the West, this team is still playing great ball thanks to CP4.   A dangerous team to face in the early rounds but can they overcome their lack of playoff experience?
3.  Jazz.  Deron, Boozer and Co. have been pick and rolling teams to death and its been working!  They won their division, took care of business at home (36-4) but their road record is less than stellar.
4.  Suns.  The Shaq trade is slowy paying off.  Since trading for Shaq, the Suns are 2-0 versus the Spurs and have the interiors presense they lacked in the past and is anyone is benefitting from this trade has been Amare.  His numbers of late have been unreal!
5.  Spurs.  Beating the teams they should beat, but getting crushed by the teams they will face in the playoffs, Lakers, Suns, Jazz to name a few teams who have demolished the Spurs of late.  Not a good sign if you are a Spurs fan.  This team is struggling on the offensive end and struggling is an understatement.  They need to take a B-12 shot, drink some Redbull, something, anything to wake up their offensive punch.  Will Manu, TD and Parker turn it up when it counts?
6.  Rockets.  After a 22 game winning streak, the Rockets have settled down a bit.  T-Mac, Scola, and Battier have been stepping it up in Yao’s absense but it may not be enough in the playoffs. 
7.  Chokers.  The Mavs lost a game to the Sonics.  Enough said.
8.  Nuggets.  AI had another great season and Carmelo “DUI” Anthony is still an emerging star in the NBA but they lack the defense.  They had a nice suge to secure the 8th seed but that gives tham a date with the Lakers who swept the regular season against them.