Favors’ thoughts on meeting with the Spurs


As reported early today, the San Antonio Spurs met with Derrick Favors of Georgia Tech. Favors is a projected top four pick. While the Spurs holding the 20th pick in the first-round of the 2010 NBA Draft, there is no way the Spurs will be able to draft Favors.

However, will the Spurs make a move to be in a position to draft him? According to the AP, here is what Favors had to say about the meeting with the Spurs.

Favors said he met with San Antonio, which holds the 20th pick. “I feel like they’re trying to make a move to try to get me,” he said.

What are your thoughts Spurs nation?  Just “smoke in mirrors?”

If the Spurs do intend to draft Favors, which current Spurs will you be willing to see the team part with in order to make this happen?