Favors, Carroll would’ve liked to stay in San Antonio


The playoffs are underway and the San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz series kicked off this past Sunday but with the long delay between Game 1 and 2 (thanks playoff schedule makers), it feels like an eternity since Game 1.

The Spurs and Jazz will get things going again tomorrow night in San Antonio but in the interim, Utah decided to head back to Salt Lake City until Game 2 nears. However, for Jazz players Derrick Favors and DeMarre Carroll, staying in San Antonio made much more sense.

“I’d rather stay here,” Derrick Favors said Sunday in the Alamo City. “But, you know, I don’t call the rules. I just do what they tell me.”

DeMarre Carroll tweeted this after Sunday’s 106-91 loss to my new team: “Flight back to Utah… SMD.” (That stands for ‘smacking my dreds,’ which is his version of ‘smacking my head.’)

Indeed it did make sense for Utah to simply stay in the Alamo City but with Utah having to deal with extra travel time, hopefully it will work to the Spurs’ favor. See, the Jazz have to deal with packing again, making sure they get to the airport in time, deal with an added long flight back to San Antonio, settle in their hotel again, and then having to squeeze in practice time before Wednesday night.

So while the Spurs are resting comfortably in their homes, let’s hope this catches up with the Jazz and it shows in Game 2. Hey, I am for every little advantage which helps the Spurs secure another victory and go up 2-0 in the series before heading to Utah.