Devin Harris suggests giving Parker a few hard fouls


San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker diced the Utah Jazz in their opening game to the tune of 28 points, 8 assists, and 53% shooting in 37 minutes in Game 1.

TP mostly did his damage by getting into the paint and teeth of Utah’s defense and the Jazz know slowing Parker down is important if they want any shot at evening things up Wednesday night in San Antonio before the playoff series shifts to Utah.

And if it is up to Utah’s Devin Harris, it would mean sending Parker a message by knocking him around a bit in order to slow him down.

“He’s a challenge all around. He does a great job of getting in the paint, they run great stuff for him, and we’ve got to try and make him play a little more defense, try and limit his transition opportunities, limit his layups and maybe give him a hard foul or two.”

Nice job there Harris but as much as I would hope this doesn’t happen, I want to see Harris or any other Jazz player go ahead and take a shot at TP.

So far in these playoffs, we’ve seen some bonehead incidents but one of the biggest is Boston’s Rajon Rondo bumping into ref Marc Davis which led to his suspension versus the Hawks in Game 2. So if Harris or other Jazz players want to do something stupid and risk either getting tossed out of the game or face a suspension should any hit on TP be deemed a flagrant foul 2, then go for it Utah. It will certainly help the Spurs secure another win and send Utah on an early summer vacation.

Besides, it is not like the Spurs don’t have players who might send a message right back to Harris or any other Jazz member who fouls TP hard, namely firey Stephen Jackson or even TP’s good friend Boris Diaw.

Hopefully, this talk from Harris is just posturing and trying to get into Parker’s head but it be a real classless move on the part of any Jazz member looking to give Parker some hard fouls and risk and injury to Tony.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? I know you have a few choice words for Harris.