San Antonio Spurs Fantasy Focus: Point Guard Edition


HillBuy/Watch: George Hill
I’m sure Hill had a decent percent-owned percentage at the beginning of the season then found his way to a lot of watch lists and the waiver wire. He had his share of struggles through the first month of the season adapting to a new role and different minutes, but he’s been on a roll as of late. He’s scored in double-figures in his last six games. In a loss against the Los Angeles Clippers, he shot 7-of-16 from the field for 17 points. While he may not be the best multi-category player, if your team needs scoring help, he may pay dividends and even contribute in assist and rebounding categories occasionally, good enough for your third point guard slot.

Sell: Tony Parker
Before you run off to the comments and rattle off Parker’s stats, hear me out. While Parker was, likely for the first time, a two-category stud up until about two weeks ago, he’s only scored in double-figures once in the last four games. He seems to be going through a shooting slump and hit rock bottom with a two-point outing against the Clippers. While it may be hasty to dump Parker, especially since you’re likely to lose all kinds of credibility, you may want to monitor him over the next couple of games. If he continues to struggle, the best move would likely be to drop one of your bottom of the roster players for another point guard and slide Parker to your third point guard slot.

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