Oberto ready to go for Argentina


FOAfter being cleared to play in the pre-Olympic qualifier later this month in his home country of Argentina, former San Antonio Spurs center Fabricio Oberto recently spoke with Miguel Romano of LaNacion.com on his health, playing at home in Argentina, and why he decided to return to basketball.

Oberto on whether or not he is afraid of playing after having heart complications: No, I take this as usual. If I were afraid, (I) would not play.

Oberto said he monitors himself when playing but does check in weekly with his United States doctor. He also said he doesn’t let his condition limit his play. 

I would say that I never settle, but I am also aware that I come from a long idle and need to avoid injury, have no muscle problem. knock on wood.

Oberto commented specifically on how his heart is feeling during play: 

Better and better. To the extent I’m putting myself in a state, those surprises that I feel when I accelerate heart every time take less time. That’s good. It’s like a car engine when you pass gas to naphtha (laughs).

If Argentina does make a qualifying position for next years Olympic games in London, Oberto isn’t sure if he’ll participate yet: 

Today I do not know what to do after 11 September when the end of the Olympics. I do not know whether or not follow basketball. I’ll see how I feel, this is a big test and I take it all calmly.

Oberto on whether or not there is any pressure playing at home for the FIBA Americas tournament: 

No, no, I think it’s a nice pressure. Feel an obligation to qualify at home to your people, is beautiful. This team has a strong character forged by years in many tournaments and will know the condition of favorite assimilate.

Oberto’s main reason for returning to the game of basketball:

Because I be with this group generated a need, that feeling is very strong. Many years together and is very hard not to feel the desire to be.

This is going to be a great tournament to watch as this classic lineup for Argentina is getting ready for one of its last go-rounds playing together. Manu Ginobili recently opened up about why he feels this group is special and even our own Trevor Zickgraf opened up about this team by saying he wouldn’t mind half of the Spurs’ roster being comprised of Argentina’s team.

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(Photo: Emiliano Lasalvia)