Ex-Spur Derek Anderson a drug money-man?


First Zach Randolph and now former San Antonio Spurs player Derek Anderson.

You remember Anderson? High-flying guard for the Spurs back in the 2000-2001 season thar averaged 15.5 points in 82 games before getting injured in the playoffs against Dallas. Oh and he then demanded the Spurs he be taken care of contractually before David Robinson in the offseason. Yeah that Anderson. Well he is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

According to Wave3.com (via cbssports.com), Anderson was named as the money-man in a drug operation:

Butler: “Was Derek Anderson ever present when you all bought narcotics?” 

Cunningham: “Nah, he stays away from you know, he’s just the money and he’s not going to get around any of it but, that’s who funnels the money.”

The report does state Anderson hasn’t been charged with any criminal activity. However, for his sake, let’s hope he isn’t in trouble. This is a serious accusation with huge ramifications, like prison time.

(photo: sportsillustrated)

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