End of the Week Links


This is a new weekly feature here at ProjectSpurs where we will provide links to Spurs related articles from around the Internet. It is a work in progress, so expect it to change as time goes on. The ultimate goal is to help you waste time at work, because really, we would all rather read about the Spurs and basketball. Your suggestions about what you want to see in this feature are appreciated.

  • Fanhouse: Pop said earlier this summer that if the Spurs don’t win a championship then he should be fired. He was joking, right? Well, Matt Moore takes an in-depth look into the enigma that is Pop. Well worth the read.
  • 48MinutesOfHell: Many “experts” are saying that the Spurs are the team to beat this year. Timothy Varner of 48MOH tries to bring Spurs fans back to earth by pointing out the reasons the Spurs might not win. Come on Tim, why such a buzzkill?
  • NBA.com: The Spurs are scheduled to play Olympiacos on October 9 as part of the Euroleague American Tour. October 9 sounds so close.
  • Sporting News: The summer means lists. Lists of the best centers ever. Lists of the worst contracts in basketball. Lists of the ugliest NBA players (Popeye Jones tops my list btw). Well, the Sporting News provides a list of the top 50 coaches of all time. Our own Gregg Popovich comes in at 49th on the list with four NBA coaches ahead of him – Chuck Daly, Pat Riley, Red Auerbach and Phil Jackson. I can’t say I disagree too much with that order.
  • ESPN: This one is only somewhat Spurs related but still an interesting read. LZ Granderson asks if anybody will ever record a quadruple-double again. As you should know, being an intelligent Spurs fan, two of the four players to ever accomplish this feat wore the silver and black – Alvin Robertson and David Robinson. Lets not forget Tim Duncan’s near quad-double in the 2003 NBA finals, possibly his greatest game ever…but that debate is for another time (Summer! Lists!)
  • Express News: Jeff McDonald profiles the newest Spur, Theo Ratliff, and talks about his quest for a NBA ring.
  • Pounding The Rock: Speaking of Theo, AusTechSpur from PTR broke down the signing, concluding that it’s part of the Spurs method and they didn’t cost themselves anything with it. I’m not so sure personally. I think it cost the Spurs an open roster spot and flexibility come trade season. Sure, they could waive Malik Hairston or Marcus Williams before then but I would rather not.
  • CelticsBlog: There were rumors earlier this week that Bruce Bowen and the Celtics were in talks. Imagine this, Game 7 of the NBA finals and the Spurs are down by one to the Celtics with one possession left. You know the Spurs are putting the ball in the hands of either Tony Parker or Manu Ginobili. Then the Celts bring an old veteran off the bench. An old veteran named Bruce Bowen. Just retire Bruce. We need more HEB commercials anyways.
  • Basketbawful:  Please tell me you are already reading the Livin’ Large series on Basketbawful. If not, stop what you are doing right now and start with part 1. You can thank me later.
  • ESPN (Insider): Chad Ford  has been keeping an offseason report card. I’ll give you one guess who is in first with an A+. The team name starts with S and rhymes with blurs.
  • Pool Dunks: Because who doesn’t miss those years when you spent hours in the pool with friends making up dunks.