End of The Week Links 9/5/2009

  • NBA.com – The links are heavy this week with David Robinson and Bruce Bowen articles. This one about David Robinson sums up his career nicely. There will never be another player in the NBA like Robinson. I feel luck to have witnessed him in person.
  • Express-News – Buck Harvey gives Bruce Bowen a nice farewell and recommends retiring his number.
  • RetireNumber12 – Speaking of retiring Bowen’s number, this website is all about it. They are supposed to have a petition up in the next week about the subject.
  • Spurs.com – The official announcement that Bowen is retiring.
  • Express-News – The 1996-1997 season was painful on many levels with Robinson missing most of the season, but it worked out in the best way possible. Some might call it fate.
  • Twitpic – This picture of Ginobili and Oberto is priceless. Ginobili looks the same but Oberto looks so different without the long hair.
  • ESPN – This one is older from Robinson’s last season. Still, it is nice to go back and read about Robinson’s last go around and the praise he deservedly received.
  • Dime – They ask the question: who is better, Chris Paul or Tony Parker? Paul obviously has better numbers but Parker has performed better when it matters. Interesting debate and one that I don’t think people would have had a year ago.
  • Sports Illustrated – Another older article, this one from April, discusses about the class act that Robinson is. I know many people have similar stories as Steve Aschburner, but I never get tired of hearing them.
  • Spurs.com – Top 10 plays of last season.
  • PTR – Should we worry as much about back-to-back games?
  • 48MoH – Graydon Gordian revisits some of the posts 48MoH has had about Bowen. I loved the article about Bowen and the evolution of the boxscore, which is something I feel strongly about. I love how John Hollinger must preface every article about PER with the fact that it undervalues players like Bowen. You cannot quantify what he brings to the court.
  • 48MoH – Comparing Bowen to Lawrence Taylor, pointing out how two defensive players were able to change a game.
  • PTR – Meet Marcus Haislip. I’m not sure what to expect out of Mr. Haislip, but I’m intrigues nonetheless.