Don’t expect Pop to list Duncan as ‘old’ again


You know what they say about the San Antonio Spurs — they’re old and boring. And most point to Spurs’ star Tim Duncan as the poster child of the label given to San Antonio with his emotionless play, stoic look and well, his advanced age for a basketball player.

Obviously those who do make those remarks really do not follow the Spurs closely to know that label is far from the truth.

Earlier this season, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich had some fun with Duncan when he sat out TD and listed the reason as “old.” The NBA world had some fun with that but will Pop do that again to Duncan considering he is highly likely to rest his star player as the season winds down?

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin asked Pop that exact questions and it would seem it was a one-time joke.

Popovich on his “DNP – Old” listing for Tim Duncan this season: “I won’t be doing that again. Some people didn’t find it too humorous”

No Pop, everyone though that was funny and we hope to see more of that. Of course I am hoping to one day to read, “DNP – Burgers” for DeJuan Blair.

And who says the Spurs are boring?