Dennis Rodman is a clown on the court, literally


San Antonio Spurs fans will never forget Dennis Rodman, no matter how hard they try. The silly dyed hair, the wild demeanor on the court, it was all part of who he was as a player, a person, and it made for a great show. Well, it looks like the crazy hasn’t left his blood yet.

The newly minted Hall of Famer is taking part in the US Pro-Ball Legend Asia Tour, which tipped off yesterday in Macao. The tour is made up of retired basketball players including guys like Scottie Pippen, Penny Hardaway, Gary Payton and Clyde Drexler.

Sportsgrid got some pictures from the event, and the ex-Spur showed up looking like this:

And he kept the make-up on for the game.

Based on this photographic evidence, it is safe to say Rodman still craves the spotlight.

You know, that’s intimidation right there. It’s like from the movie “The Dark Knight” when it was revealed the Joker wore the makeup as war-paint. Besides, who would want to come charging into the paint with a demon-clown in the form of “The Worm” straight out of hell waiting for you?